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About Cadec Solutions for Fleet GPS satellite Tracking and Management
A History of Industry Experience
Cadec is the market leader in the development and deployment of advanced mobile-technology services, GPS satellite tracking and advanced solutions for the optimized management of distributed assets.

Founded in 1976, Cadec revolutionized the transportation industry by being the first to introduce automated Department of Transportation (DOT) driver logs and automated collection of miles for state fuel tax reporting. Today, Cadec solutions continue to transform transportation processes and logistics by offering least-cost configurable communications, driver productivity and retention tools, precise and actionable data (data warehousing) and proven safety and compliance tools.

Our mission is to provide you with cost-effective, cutting-edge, practical, top-quality, technology solutions for your fleet management. Cadec's solutions empower you to solve your key business issues. We incorporate a very strong customer satisfaction philosophy with a customized business solutions approach to deliver accessible technology to you, whether you are a small commercial enterprise or a large multi-national company.

In carrying out our day-to-day business, we:
  • Provide seamless transitions throughout the entire installation and startup process
  • Provide a Customer Care Team which continually works with you to assure continual satisfaction
  • Provide you with state-of-the-art technologies with an eye to the future, planning for your growth and business goals
  • Provide you with ways to configure your system that will bring increased safety to your drivers, increased profitability to your company, and increased productivity that benefits your customers
  • Provide personalized and reliable customer service through our conveniently located offices, where field representatives and sales personnel are available to share their transportation problem-solving expertise with you

Overall, Cadec employees can be characterized as "enthusiastic people who strive to create powerful solutions that make a difference for our customers."

Cadec Global's Commitment to Quality :

The Cadec Global Quality Program aims to:

  • Uphold our ability to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers by consistently building software and hardware products that meet or exceed their functional requirements, supporting them in a timely, professional manner, and involving them in future product directions, improvements and decisions.
  • Make Cadec a rewarding place to work by involving all staff in the success of the business through quality objectives; we cultivate commercial awareness by understanding how quality at all levels impacts on business performance before, during and after the full development lifecycle.
  • Maintain market confidence by building value through business performance, and locking in that value by retaining the goodwill of our brand and the loyalty of our staff, partners and customers.

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