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Read about Cadec's Food & Grocery Distribution Fleet Customers

Cheney Brothers
"When you consider all the savings enabled by our Cadec system – paper, fuel, labor and insurance – we've reduced our costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. That's had a significant impact on Cheney Brothers' bottom line."
Cadec Fleet Management for Food Distribution
Using an industry proven on-board computer, combined with its powerful back-office application, Cadec's GPS satellite tracking and advanced solutions wirelessly collect the vital driver and vehicle data from your fleet and translates that into valuable information that you can easily retrieve from its robust reporting capability. Information about driver productivity, account performance, vehicle operation, compliance and safety are displayed in a clear, easy-to-understand format.

Ensure Safe Delivery of Perishable Food
Transportation Managers in the refrigerated and frozen food industry face daily concerns regarding the safety of their perishable food products. From warehouse, to truck, to your customer, the supply chain has numerous links that can fail to keep perishable food safe. More companies every day are now requiring documentation that certifies the product was kept at the temperature period required to meet food compliance policy.

Cadec Global's TempTracker™ application provides the ability to easily track up to three separate trailer unit temperatures – all wirelessly. This will give you and the driver continuous refrigeration performance with less worry.

Ensure Accurate and Efficient Deliveries
Using Cadec's DeliverTracker™ handheld out-of-cab application gives companies tangible results that will significantly improve the customer experience by streamlining the delivery process. Customers have seen an astounding 50% improvement in deliveries when used. Valuable time is no longer lost while your customers "check in" delivered items. This allows your drivers the opportunity to increase the number of deliveries in a day, increasing profitability. This information is passed to the OBC and back to the office using real-time communication––creating a paperless delivery environment with no single point of failure.
  • Increased productivity
  • Lowers operating costs
  • Accurate deliveries with bar code scanning on and off the truck
  • Instant payment handling by printing invoices with signature capture at the time of delivery
  • Increased customer satisfaction by hitting delivery windows
  • Multiple visual and verbal warnings when temps do not meet corporate standards
  • Temperatures are accurately recorded throughout the route
  • Multiple office reports that will provide you and your customers with a high level of peace of mind in knowing your product is safe

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