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Rich Suite of Fleet Management Solutions through Cadec Corporate Partner Program
Cadec Partners
Cadec's goal of delivering an unusually rich suite of fleet management products is even more fully realized through our Corporate Partner Program.

Cadec Global continues success is strengthened by focusing on important and effective partnerships. The value we place on our partnerships is evident in our successful engagements, optimized products, cooperative selling, and satisfied customers. Cadec partners enable us to serve our customers more effectively and bring valuable new solutions to market more quickly. In fact, our Partner Program is an explicit part of our strategy and a key to our industry leadership.

By partnering with industry leaders in supply chain, communications and trucking markets, we maximize Cadec's benefits to our customers and to our partners. This involves sharing our expertise, technology and products to offer our customers premier collaborations that result in effective problem-solving solutions.

We work in a professional cooperative environment that fosters a give-and-take flow that is one of Cadec's hallmarks. Respect and teamwork lead to ongoing and compelling success for our customers.

Together we deliver complete, turnkey solutions to our customers with reduced implementation times and costs. Our objective is to minimize disruption of your existing applications, to safeguard your existing software investments, and to establish Cadec as the most valuable fleet management solution in the transportation technology industry.
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