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Case Studies

Cadec helps Cheney Brothers reduce operating costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars per year
  Cadec’s Mobius TTS has had a major impact on Cheney Brothers’ delivery procedures. First, it enables Cheney Brothers’ dispatch team to know the precise location of every tractor in real-time, so that dispatchers can provide accurate delivery time information to customers.  Second, Cadec helped eliminate the 3-ply paper forms drivers had used for many years. Because all pertinent delivery information is now captured on the OBC, the company was able to go to shorter 1-ply forms that would be signed by the customer at delivery. That reduced paper use and paper cost by two thirds. [ Read More ]
Nestle Waters Cuts Idle Time By 41 Percent, Reduces Fuel Consumption with Cadec
  Poland Spring had been using Cadec’s Mobius TTS advanced fleet management software and On-Board Computers (OBCs) in its entire fleet of 40 trucks for the previous year, primarily for its paperless logging capabilities. Using Cadec’s solution, the company had been able to shave 30 minutes of paperwork from each driver’s schedule each day, leaving more time for deliveries. What's more, the company will also reduce fleet idle time by 41 percent, lowering fuel costs significantly. [ Read More ]
Morning Star reaps rewards from Cadec’s Fleet Management Software
  Nation’s leading tomato processor extends supply chain into the cabs of its trucks, eliminating paperwork, reducing repair and maintenance costs, and easing DOT audits.
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Gibson Energy
  Based in Calgary, Canada, Gibson Energy Ltd. develops, implements and supports midstream solutions for the oil and gas industry, moving oil, gas and other energy-related products between producers and refiners. The company runs an owner-operated fleet of more than 660 tanker trucks, and is known for the scope of its modern infrastructure and ability to provide technologically advanced delivery solutions to meet its customers’ business needs. Gibson relies on Cadec solutions.
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Northwest Food Products Transportation
  Northwest Food Products Transportation LLC (NFPT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Land O’Lakes, transports over seven million pounds of milk and finished dairy products daily for Land O’Lakes and a host of other dairy companies. With the help of Cadec's PowerVue and Mobius TTS solutions the firm manages its own private fleet of nearly 200 tanker trucks, a contract fleet of an additional 300 trucks, and Land O’Lakes’ private fleet of nearly 1,700 trucks.
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