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Cadec's fleet management solutions are designed to enhance your Customer Service
Customer Service
Route Tracking
Exceptional customer service is essential when delivering goods. Cadec's fleet management solutions are designed to enhance your Customer Service, measuring and tracking a variety of pickup and delivery variables and providing users with real time data in order to make informed decisions that impact key areas of the supply chain.
  • Integrate with leading routing and dispatch systems
  • Proactive customer delivery updates
  • Alerts and exception reports for customer impact
  • Dynamic route updates sent directly to vehicles
  • Learned routing automates the calculation route activity for common routes

Should the route deviate from plan by some user configurable parameter (time, miles, departure, etc.), a notification can be sent immediately to dispatchers or the end customer, alerting them of this route variance. This allows for proactive customer service.

PowerVue's open architecture in PowerVue enables a user to import routes so the driver can view a route on his display panel. Once a trip is complete, the route data can be exported in a format that is acceptable to the routing package. The Flexible Routing function allows routes to be continually assigned or re-assigned to a driver during a trip. Updated routes can be sent to the driver using the instant messaging and by dynamic route updates. RouteTracker also features RouteStandards, a learned routing feature that allows the collection of historical route drive-and-stop data that can be used to calculate average stop-to-stop drive time and stop durations. This data is then used to add drive and delivery times to a route.

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Temperature Tracking
Ensure Safe Delivery of Perishable Food
Transportation Managers in the refrigerated and frozen food industry face daily concerns regarding the safety of their perishable food products. From warehouse, to truck, to the final destination, the supply chain has numerous links that can fail to keep perishable food safe. Many end users now require documentation that certifies the product was kept at the temperature required to meet food compliance policy.

Cadec's TempTrackerTM feature provides the ability to easily track up to three separate trailer temperatures wirelessly. Cadec's PowerVue solution ensure that your drivers and managers are continually aware of refrigeration unit performance and are warned when temperatures do not meet corporate standards.
  • Easy to View Temperature Data TempTracker monitors and records the temperature from multiple locations within a trailer. Each sensor has a clearly visible icon on the onboard computer (OBC) display. The icons display the last temperature reading recorded for each sensor. The driver simply chooses which sensors are active at Login when a new trailer is hooked or when a new trip is started.
  • Multiple Warnings TempTracker and the Series 100 or Series 200 OBC warn the driver in multiple ways when temperatures do not meet corporate standards or when an active sensor cannot be read. First, the temperature icons will change in an easily identifiable manner. Then, a warning, set up as an audible or a message on the display, will alert the driver that there is a problem allowing for timely intervention.
  • ETOG for Temp Tracking The Events Tab in the ETOG Report offers an option to display Temperature Tracking on a second-by-second basis. Up to three temperature sensors can be shown in a separate graph on the report.
  • Temperature Discrepancy Identify temperature discrepancies by Date range, Vehicle, Trailer, and Driver
  • Route Stop Temperature Temperature readings for each sensor are reported at every Delivery, Pickup, Account delay, Drive starts, and Hook

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