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Get Your Fleet DOT Compliant with Cadec Fleet Management Technology
DOT/MOT Tracking
As the debate over hours of service (HOS) rules continues, there is consistent discussion and validation by the FMCSA, NTSB, and ATA of the importance that on-board computers have in improving safe driver behavior and actually reducing the number of fatigue-related accidents in the trucking industry., the US DOT recently stated that we can expect to see a regulation coming out requiring ALL interstate carriers, private or for hire, to have Electronic Recording Devices installed in their trucks by Jan. 11, 2010. These devices must be approved by DOT. They will be so equipped that a DOT officer can extract and print information from the device from the field.

Cadec's Series 100 and Series 200 OBC with PowerVue provides the most advanced and up to date solution for ensuring compliance with Federal and State/Provincial hours of service (HOS) regulations. For over 30 years, Cadec has been the gold-standard system for ensuring DOT/MOT compliance with electronic driver logs.

DOT logs are graphically generated onboard for review by both the driver and the office. Drivers' available hours are calculated automatically to ensure DOT compliance under any rule. Drivers are warned of impending DOT violations before they occur and dispatch managers have access to up to date available hours data, ensure drivers are assigned to the optimal routes based on their availability.

Match available hours to work assignment

Validate DOT history

Keeping track of the DOT and MOT rule changes (dates of the changes, transition periods, etc) for HOS can be a daunting task. Cadec's Series 100 or Series 200 systems for PowerVue can be configured to track hours and compliance with the particular DOT rule a driver is utilizing, warning the driver as he approaches his maximum on-duty or driving hours.

At Cadec we pride ourselves on our ability to stay abreast of the DOT and MOT HOS regulations and provide those rules to our customers quickly and accurately, relieving the burden of trying to follow each nuance of regulatory change. We also partner with industry experts/consultants to test and verify that our rules are in compliance with current state and federal regulations.

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Fuel Tax
Fuel tax reporting can be time consuming, error-prone and costly for many fleets. Manually, fuel tax calculations and reporting can be an arduous process. Cadec systems automate the fuel tax process, saving companies time and money, while ensuring IFTA compliance.

Cadec's PowerVue system provides accurate and automated calculation of tax liability for each state and province you drive through. IFTA Compliant reports automatically can be generated for each driver and vehicle. Date and time calculations of miles within a particular state are tracked directly from the GPS data collected by the Series 100 and Series 200 on-board computers through the vehicle ECM. Cadec also provides the required "bread crumb" detail which is tied to the odometer as per IFTA Regulations.
  • Toll and non-toll miles calculated
  • Laden and unladen miles tracked
  • Automated expense generation and invoice receipts for fuel purchases
  • JJ Keller Interface creates an electronic file in the required format for the JJ Keller's Fuel Tax Service (includes miles by state, by vehicle, as well as fuel purchased by state)
  • Power Take Off (PTO) switch monitoring records PTO events showing time and/or fuel used for fuel tax rebates

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