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Improve Fleet Performance with Cadec Dashboards and Scorecards
Fleet Performance
Executive Dashboard
Executive Dashboards

Executive dashboards provide transportation executives with the visibility they need to manage their business effectively. Cadec solutions provide real-time visibility into their entire delivery process. Customers can create role-based dashboards to present data to different types of stakeholders within the organization. Fleet managers can view information on vehicle locations and estimated delivery times, for instance, while the CFO can track DOT fees. Fleet managers can even create customer service portals for their clients to view real-time information on when to expect their deliveries, including a map that tracks truck locations. Cadec's web interface provides new levels of end-user customization to adjust to the way each person needs to view their data.

  • Monitor fleet safety, fleet performance & customer service performance at a glance
  • Dynamic and interactive displays of your business information
  • View all key metrics for your drivers, vehicles, deliveries and customers in real-time
    • Reduce over revving, speeding violations
    • Optimize routes to reduce miles traveled and deadhead miles
    • Track and alert on rapid acceleration and/or deceleration incidents
    • Encourage progressive shifting techniques

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Executive Dashboard
Performance Management

Cadec's system provides fleet managers with actionable information needed to help modify driver behavior. Using advanced scorecarding, companies can introduce driver performance management initiatives and reward programs.

PowerVue scorecards, also known as GYR for “Green, Yellow, Red”, provides managers an easy way to manage their drivers based on key performance indicators (KPI) that highlight issues that need to be addressed. It also provides precise information on which aspects of driver performance needs to be dealt with, allow managers to give timely, pointed feedback. The set-up allows managers to select predefined metrics from a drop down menu. Each metric is assigned a GYR range, a mileage scaling factor, a weighting factor and a total GYR range.

PowerVue's real-time web interface provides live scorecards, with up to the second updates, and customizable views based on your role.   PowerVue’s Performance Management will allow your organization to:

  • Set appropriate targets to motivate the workforce
  • Enhance the efficiency of processes while improving the quality
  • Be able to connect strategy with performance improvement initiatives
  • Critically review the role of performance information in your organization
  • Achieve improved performance through operational excellence

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Supply Chain Integration

There are many vendors providing mobile communications and GPS tracking solutions for the trucking industry. Only Cadec has evolved into an extension of your enterprise-wide supply chain infrastructure. From routing and dispatch systems, fuel tax calculators, vehicle maintenance systems, driver payroll systems, and inventory management applications – Cadec provides integrated fleet, driver and delivery data that accelerates and improves the returns on your supply chain investments.

The actionable information collected by Cadec's systems provides real-time business intelligence that enables management to make educated business decisions regarding their transportation and delivery initiatives.

Multiple integration options

  • .csv
  • XML/SOAP-based web services
  • API
  • Custom

The open architecture of the PowerVue application allows for bi-directional sharing of data that enables a truly integrated, end-to-end supply chain.

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Driver Payroll Management

Cadec systems provide businesses with the ability to accurately pay their drivers based on activity. The Series 100 and Series 200 OBCs provide built-in time clock functionality that can be integrated with most HR and payroll applications. The OBC not only tracks duty status, it can synchronize multiple data points to validate activity and provide accurate pay scale based on that activity. Based on the location of the vehicle, status of the vehicle (in motion, parked) the length of time in a particular status, etc, businesses can determine the appropriate pay scale, potentially saving thousands of dollars in inaccurate payroll expenses, while also identifying dishonest drivers. Activity- based pay can also be integrated with the Driver Scorecard feature to include performance-based incentives.

Time Clock

  • OBC software accurately checks time and attendance entries, as well as duty status changes and job tracking information.
  • Drivers can clock in and out at the beginning and end of their shifts in the driver's room on the Series 100 and Series 200 OBCs.


  • Two drivers to be logged into the same vehicle simultaneously.
  • The OBC tracks DOT information for both drivers separately.
  • Driver performance information can be viewed on an individual basis or as a team.

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Vehicle Diagnostics and Maintenance Optimization

The Cadec Series 100 and Series 200 on-board computers provide the most accurate vehicle and driver information in an electronic on-board recorder.

  • Configurable Speed, RPM, Idling Sudden Accel/Decel alerts
  • Vehicle data and engine fault codes received directly from ECM

Critical information is captured and stored by the OBC – including engine idle time, miles traveled, rollover scenarios, RPM warnings and violations, speed warnings and violations, automatically generated sudden decelerations and accidents (driver pressed the accident button). Audible and visual warnings from the on-board computer help keep the drivers informed and alert so they can maintain safe vehicle handling practices.

Maintenance Optimization – Your fleet is a critical asset, and a significant operating cost. Getting the most out of your vehicles can make the difference between profits and loss. Cadec systems help reduce fleet operations costs by facilitating performance-based maintenance initiatives and fleet utilization.

  • Usage patterns of tractors and trailers identify potential to increase equipment utilization.
  • Total detailed vehicle history enables improved maintenance and reduces vehicle down time.

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Accident Reconstruction Data

Cadec's Accident and Sudden Deceleration reports help protect drivers from false accusations with a 180-second snapshot of vehicle activity immediately prior to an accident.

  • Often admissible supporting evidence for law enforcement and insurance claims
  • Data is time stamped with second by second speed and location data

The PowerVue electronic tachograph feature captures all speed, RPM and location information. The data can be graphically viewed on a second by second basis for any time period. Cadec's map view with speed and RPM on the same screen (U.S. Patent No. 7,002,579) provides a unique view of your vehicle/driver's speed and RPM with location. With this feature you can identify speeds on any road traveled. Audible and visual warnings from the on-board computer help keep the drivers informed and alert, so they can maintain safe vehicle handling practices.

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