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Cadec SOA extends your supply chain into the cab of your trucks

SOA extends your supply chain into the cab of your trucks Enterprise technologies are rapidly evolving from traditional, client/server designs to service-oriented architecture. The adoption of SOA is allowing organizations to become more agile, and transforms siloed data into actionable information across many business functions and processes. PowerVue’s SOA design provides real-time information pertaining to vehicles, drivers, deliveries, customers and more to be easily integrated into mission critical supply chain, HR and financial management systems.

While simple, browser-based tools are limited to providing access over the web, PowerVue’s use of web-services technology combined with its dynamic web interface provides new levels of end-user customization to adjust to the way each person needs to see their data, as well as easy integration to systems throughout the supply chain. Users can easily create role-based dashboards to present data to different types of stakeholders within the organization and even create customer service portals for their clients to view real-time information on when to expect their deliveries, including a map that tracks truck locations.

Industry Standards-based Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) design
PowerVue uses a SOA design built on the Oracle Fusion and 10G platform for unlimited scalability, and application integration based on industry standard, XML-based web services technology. This unique approach facilitates the development of modular business services that can be easily integrated and reused—creating a truly flexible, adaptable IT infrastructure.

PowerVue Bridge - yet another first for Cadec, PowerVue Bridge is the first and only fleet management system built using web services and SOA technology. The PowerVue Bridge integration platform provides seamless integration, using proven industry standards (SOAP, WSDL, XML, etc.). With PowerVue Bridge integrations, fleet data can be easily tied to other systems in a company’s supply chain – dispatch, routing, fuel tax, DOT compliance and supply chain management applications can now leverage the detailed fleet intelligence collected by PowerVue. More importantly, solutions are easily sustainable based on the loosely coupled nature of XML-based services in a serviceoriented architecture (SOA).

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